Mr Holmes Bakehouse- Pastry HEAVEN in Gangnam, Seoul 

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I LURVE cruffins! That crispy flaky outside and chewy croissant inside, it just doesn’t get much better than that. With my trips to The Cupping Room in Hong Kong occurring on a regular basis all in the name of checking out the feature cruffin, you can imagine I tend to scope out any and all other cruffin/pastry locations whenever I travel. That being said, any avid cruffin lovers (and  Instagram addicts) will at one point or another stumbled upon the gorgeous cruffins and pastries pumped out by Mr Holmes bakehouse (located in San Francisco). With mouth watering flavors and super funky neon lights asking to be photographed,  let’s just say, Mr Holmes Bakehouse has food porn stamped all over it. Now being situated in Hong Kong, you can imagine my extremely strong desire to hop across the pond for a morning coffee accompanied by a perfect cruffin…. unfortunately it was a little out of the question…
Now to my delight, whilst  planning my trip to Seoul, I was #PUMPED to discover that Mr. Holmes Bakehouse had opened their one and only international location in the heart of Gangnam, Seoul. Naturally I had to check it out and see what all the hype was about! Continue reading


Second Draft- Best Pub eats in Tai Hang

Okay so if you don’t already know how I feel about Little Bao, I’ll tell you now. I feel SERIOUSLY good about it. Now why am I talking about Little Bao in my post on Second Draft you ask? Well let me tell you… With the brilliant chef May Chow being the mastermind behind this ever popular and oh so delicious Bao joint in Sheung Wan, I didn’t need any more convincing to visit Second Draft when I discovered that she was behind it.
Second Draft is a chinese gastropub (located in Tai Hang) serving up delicious casual food with a flare of both Chinese and western cuisine. Seeing as May Chow mastered the colliding of both dim sum (Bao) with burgers, it’s no surprise that she nailed it once again! Think buffalo chicken wontons to Reuben sandwiches topped with pickered cabbage and ginger dressing…. must I go on?   Continue reading


Belon-Home Style French food that will rock your world 

Dieters, we can all agree that there is nothing better than a home cooked meal complete with all the fixings! Roasted meat, potatoes, veggies (to name a few), it really doesn’t get much better than that! Now, that being said, since moving to Hong Kong, not only have I lacked a key factor in the “home cooked meal equation” (cough* an oven…) but I have also found myself tapping into the plethora of Asian eats available (seeing as there is no shortage). So with my home cooking taking an all time low and my consumption of Asian food taking an all time high, an ever so large gap formed in my hungry heart for a proper home style meal. Now fortunately for me, Belon managed to fill this gap with some of the BEST home style (french) cooking I have ever had…sorry mom!

Continue reading


Ho Lee Fook- Fookin’ Delicious Chinese Food in Central

You guys,  where do I even start with this one?! I mean,  can I just state the obvious? The name is incredible. ‘Ho Lee Fook’… Pure genius. Naturally, being the easily amused person that I am, the name in itself was reason enough for me to stop by for a visit, but the food on the other hand was reason to come again and again and AGAIN. I mean seriously you guys, it was fookin’ delicious ( the first of many brilliant puns to come just FYI). Continue reading


Yardbird- Bomb Yakitori in Sheung Wan

Every since meeting the lovely folk of Yardbird at the Business of Blogging seminar a few months ago, I was quick to add this joint to my list of MUST tries. That being said, it has taken me quite a while to finally get around to trying this hip Japanese joint but like they say, all good things are worth waiting for, and this was no exception!

Located on Bridges Street in Sheung Wan, Yardbird is a laid back, hip  izakaya-style restaurant (Japanese style pub) specializing in yakitori (skewered grilled chicken). With 15 different Yakotori options to choose from, you better believe you can nibble on practically any part of the bird you fancy, (except chicken feet…. sorry peeps but that one is reserved for dim sum)! Think wings, neck, gizzard, thighs or liver (to name a few) seasoned, skewered and grilled to perfection!  Continue reading


22 Ships- Delish Tapas in Wan Chai

Ahoy dieters! Before we dive in today, can we just take a moment to appreciate tapas? Like lets get serious, whats not to love about delicate Spanish dishes perfect for sharing (not to mention making it  socially acceptable to order an obscene amount of food)…. Win. That being said, I guess it goes without saying that I am a big fan of tapas, like BIG fan.  Having found myself constantly on the prowl for new tapas joints to scope out, I would be lying if I said that the sound of pork & foie gras sliders didn’t instantly spark my interest (not to mention the master mind behind it being Michelin Starred chef Jason Atherton… Bonus). With 22 Ships at the top of my list of must visit tapas restaurants, lets just say by the time I finally got around to visiting it, I was more than ready to TAP into these tapas 😉 .  Continue reading


Let’s Taco Bout Cali-Mex – New Flagship Location in TST

Cali-Mex fans get pumped, there is yet another location for you to  get your Mexican fix! Launching their official flagship store in Tsim Sha Tsui, you can stop by for a quick bite or tap into their new dine-in section! Although still servin up you fav Mexican eats,  you can either grab & go or get the party started with a full cocktail bar! Locked and loaded with delish margaritas, proper tequila and SELF SERVE beer taps at every table, you just might want to stay for a while 😉  Continue reading


Oddies Foodies is Heaven on Earth

Okay I think it is safe to say, I am obsessed with Oddies. We’re talking artisan gelato, soft serve and egg waffles, what more does a girl need in this world? … but seriously. I know this isn’t the first I’ve talked about Oddies and I can guarantee it won’t be the last, but I figured it was about time I gave you the proper SCOOP on this kick ass ice cream joint.

Located on Gough street in Sheung Wan (alternate location in Wan Chai) this shop takes ice cream to the next level. No matter how simple or out of the box you want your ice cream,  Oddies has got you covered.  Think egg waffle parfaits (layered with both feature and soft serve gelato)  to aesthetically appealing drama cones (like VERY long cones pre filled with a variety of gelato and toppings then dipped in a GORGEOUS coating). But never fret, should you desire a simple ice cream cone, Oddies serves up new flavours on the regular so there is ALWAYS something new to tickle your tastebuds.  Continue reading