The diet

Diet you say? Why yes!

dimsumdiet was first created in September 2015 upon my move across the Pacific Ocean. Ask anyone if I like food, they'll laugh. I live for food, friendship and the fond memories that come together around a table.

From Calgary, Canada to Hong Kong, dimsumdiet started as a way to document and share the amazing and insane food I came across. It wasn't long before this hobby stemmed into so much more! dimsumdiet encompasses everything I LOVE to do. From sharing about fabulous dining experiences to seeking out killer street eats and sharing some of my favourite recipes, dimsumdiet is the channel I am able to share and express my passion for all things food. 



About Me

When I'm not eating, blogging or embarrassing my friends by taking a thousand pics pre, post and during every meal you can find me cooking, cancelling calories in the gym, traveling and well maybe shopping....just maybe.

After graduating university, unsure of what was next for me, I decided to take on a new adventure! Before I knew it I was on my way to Hong Kong to teach English for a year! During my time in Asia, I was able to discover my true passion...FOOD. I love any and all things food related (and have since, well ever). Having gotten involved in the food scene in HK, I was able to realize that my passion for cooking didn't have to be just a hobby, but that it could ultimately lead to a career. That being said, I will be starting at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in London England this March where I will do both my culinary and pastry training (as well as checking out the London food scene OBVI)! So needless to say! I am SO excited to see where this new adventure will take me and I hope you stay tuned for MANY more recipes, restaurant write ups and of COURSE the down and dirty on what eats can't be missed in Europe!

On that note its time to dine, dash and of course dimsum!

SO you stay hungry everyone,

And remember...your diet starts tomorrow!