Motorino HK- Best Wood Fired Pizza Fix

Okay so I think we can all agree, there really is no "bad pizza" out there. Like let's be honest, when one comes across a hot slice you're not gonna not eat it, you know? It just kind of goes without saying that I've never met a pizza I didn't like (except maybe HK's Pizza Hut... ain't nobody want shrimp and thousand island dressing on top of their za.) Now pizza loving aside, we can all appreciate that whilst the bad pizzas are still good (following?) the good pizzas are like REALLY good. Okay so ranting aside, I think it's time we took a moment to talk about the HK pizza scene. Although a slice of za is never much further than a stroll around the block or a quick food panda order, the really good ones are often worth waiting (or trekking) for. Insert my utter adoration for Motorino and my despair that they don't deliver to Kowloon... but then again what else is new...

Motorino is a killer pizza joint serving up pizza that is just down right delicious. Located in both Wan Chai and Mid Levels, if your looking for a tasty wood fired oven za, they have most certainly got you covered. With classic favorites like marghertia and Quattro formaggio (4 cheeses) to pancetta and Brussels sprouts they most certainly have something that will tickle your fancy.

Pumpkin & Goat Cheese Salad

 Okay I was definitely diggin' this bad boy. I love any kind of greenery that involves goat cheese (tbh) but goat cheese aside the dressing was super light and the roasted pumpkin was legit. Definitely a good start to the evening.





Watermelon & Tomato Salad

 Surprise surprise... more goat cheese ;) This salad was SO refreshing and very tasty. The watermelon went so well with the cheese and mint and the tomatoes were packed with flavour... So yeah... YUM.






Soppressata Piccante Pizza

 This guy was covered in tomato sauce and topped with spicy soppressata, fresh chilies, fior di latte (a type of mozzarella) and pecorino... And yes it was hella tasty.






Spinach & Scamorza Pizza

 Of all the pizzas I've tried at Motorino, this one definitely takes the cake. SO cheesy and WAY delicious. This za was topped with fior di latte, spinach, scarmoza (a mild white italian cheese made from buffalo milk) fresh chili and pecorino (a hard italian cheese made from sheep's milks). Let me just say, the cheese pull on this thing was next level!











Quattro Formaggi Pizza

 Yet another cheesy beauty. This guy was topped with gorgonzola, provolone piccante, fior di latte, pecorino and chili oil. So if you were wondering whether Motorino has got their pizzas figured out... Well, they do.






SO Hong Kong, next time you're lookin for that perfect pizza, I highly suggest you make your way to Motorino #noregrets.

You stay hungry Hong Kong,

And remember, your diet starts tomorrow!