Girls, it's no secret, we LOVE brunch. From waffles and pancakes to bacon and eggs there really is no going wrong! Now as much as I LOVE brunchin' out, I love love LOVE hosting it. I mean come on, what's not to love about firing up the ole coffee pot, poppin' the bubbly and whippin' up some of your favourite baked goodies? I mean come on muffins are the best excuse to eat cake for breakfast! Now as perfect as brunch is for visiting and catching up with your girlfriends, it can also be a tad bit stressful if you are tryin' to keep that toast from burning while cooking eggs for a crowd... SO that being said here's my 5 tips for hosting your BEST brunch.


1. Plan ahead

Girls simply put, Success doesn't just happen... It's planned for. This applies to everything! From choosing your menu in advanced, writing a list for your shopping (cause we all know that without it we WILL  leave the store missing some crucial ingredient)  and setting your table the night before! The more you can do in advance, the less you'll have to do the day of! 

2. Choose dishes that can be prepared in advance

Don't be a hero!  Nobody wants to wake up at the crack of dawn to start prepping brunch. If it can be done the day before, DO IT.  In terms of choosing dishes that can be prepared in advanced, I always like to incorporate at least 1 pastry/baked dish and 1 egg dish and then the rest changes from brunch to brunch. So that means get all you baking and chopping done as early as possible! I know some chopping shouldn't be done too far in advance especially for fruits and veggies but do what you can and try to have as much done before your guests arrive! For your egg dishes, get your eggs cracked and ready to go! Trust me, theres nothing worse than trying to entertain guests while scrambling around the kitchen! 

3. If it can be cooked on the stove, it can probably be cooked in the oven

Now I KNOW when you think of brunch dishes, you automatically think of your stove top. From oatmeal and pancakes to eggs and bacon, it seems to be that the majority of brunch items are cooked on the stove. Now this can be tricky as the stove is something you always need to keep an eye on to avoid any brunch disasters (ie BURNING THE BACON). When I am cooking for a crowd I ALWAYS try to incorporate my oven as much as I can. I love it because I can simply set my timer and continue socializing  without having to worry! I know I know you think that most brunch dishes can't be done in the oven, well that's where you're wrong! I do my eggs, bacon and even toast in the oven!  It's the best way to host a brunch!

4. incorporate colour

As a bit of a foodie, I am ALL about presentation and how dishes look on a plate, and trust me when I say, NOBODY wants a colourless breakfast! Plain and simple. When you are choosing your menu make sure you get those bright and beautiful colours on your guests plates! Believe me, it INSTANTLY up's the wow factor! Whether that be through incorporating a fruit salad, yogourt and fruit parfaits or serving up some beautiful roasted vegetables with your eggs, the sky is the limit my friends!

5.invite kick ass friends

Nuff said, the MAJOR key to a successful brunch is good company!

So cheers to that dieters!

Happy Brunching!

And remember, your diet starts tomorrow!